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  • CD (July 1997) "Francette Bartholomée: "Harpe chromatique, harpe diatonique". (see Mrs. Bartholomée's address)

    Recently released by Mrs Bartholomee: Paysages de Harpes. A CD featuring chromatic harp pieces such as the "Danses" by Debussy. Conatct her distributor at

  • Harper Tasche has several CDs with x-harp music. On his December 1997, "Long Night Bright" CD a small x-harp is used half of the recording as both a solo and ensemble voice, including original, historical and traditional music. The x-harp is the featured instrument in medieval, victorian, folk and jazz styles.

    Recently released (Oct.1998) Harper Tasche's CD "Dichotomy Cafe" (with an accent on the -e-). A wonderful blend of flute, bowed psaltery and harp music, involving Harper's small cross strung harp. "Depth of Field" is Harper Tasche's latest harp music CD. (Dec 98) The CD is a solo piece played entirely on Harper's new cross strung chromatic harp, a five octave harp which he has designed in collaboration with Mark and Val Blessley (e-mail: In my opinion, Harper's new CD is a not only a wonderful harp music recording but also a spectacular illustration of the level of musical interpretation that can be achieved on a chromatic harp without pedals. Harper's CD features delightful adaptations of well known keyboard music pieces (from baroque to jazz); traditional Irish harp music and musical pieces of his own. Music lovers and students of the harp will be delighted and intrigued to find out what can be achieved on a chromatic harp the size and shape of a good size folk harp. Harper's interpretation of J.S. Bach's Preludio in C major from the "Well Tempered Clavier", in particular, is a spectacular demonstration of what can be done with these harps. Harper Tasche can be contacted at:

  • Liz Cifany has produced a CD: Bella Stella with some chromatic harp.

  • Verlene Schermer has three CD's that feature music on her x-strung harp: Now & Then, which is a flute and harp CD and has a companion book including duets for x-strung harp and flute; Rendezvous with the Moon, which has 5 songs on x-strung harp and a companion book with the arrangements for harp and voice; and Persephone's Art, featuring three more songs on x-strung harp. She also has a book of music called "Verlene's Cross-strung Harp Book" which includes solos, duets and vocal accompaniments. Visit her website at and click on "harp books" for complete descriptions of the books, and click on "recordings" for descriptions and sound clips from her CD's.

  • CROSS STRUNG CHROMATIC HARP TRAINING COURSES. Cours de harpe chromatique à cordes croisées.

    Le Conservatoire de Musique à Bruxelles (Belgique) offre un cours spécialisé dans la harpe chromatique à cordes croisées. Ce cours vise à former des harpistes professionnels. (contacter Francette Bartholomée, adresse ci-dessus). Il y a aussi une Académie de Musique à Bruxelles, qui offre aussi des cours de harpe chromatique à cordes croisées à l'intention des amateurs ou des futures professionnels. (contacter Paola Chatelle, adresse ci-dessus).

  • Harper Tasche held a workshop on playing the cross strung chromatic harp Summer 1999. See Fall 1999 Folk Harp Journal for report. Contact Harper Tasche for potential similar events. See Registry.

  • Books: a new book has been published: X-Harps. History, playing technique, music, contruction of the cross strung chromatic harp. Hannelore Devaere and Philippe Clement. Contact the latter.


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