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My Logo

I have been asked on occasion about the significance of my logo. I have had my own idea which I will relate, but first I'll mention something of what I found out about the parts that make up this motif:

  • The hound and the heron which are found in Celtic animal patterns were early motifs used by the monks in the Irish and Scottish monasteries.

  • The dog means faith or doggedness. It was the totem of the Dalriada tribe of ancient Ulster to which Columba belonged.

  • The Celts always held birds to be the sacred messengers of the supernatural realm (the eagle became the emblem of St. John the evangelist). The long beaked water bird, the heron is a bird of two worlds, air and water. It is the signature of Crien, Greek root of Christos.
Composite Design On the right is a composite design that I have used on occasion to decorate sound boards. At the top we see a creature with a dog's body (of the earth) combined with the head of a heron (spiritual realm). In combining the two elements, one imagines the idea of balance in one's life (feet on the ground but looking to divine guidance).

I have taken the idea one step further. The creature of my logo is breaking free of the Celtic knot work (everyday constraints) and moving towards freedom. This is what music does for us. It frees our spirit, turns our thoughts from the mundane and opens us to new possibilities. I truly hope that my harps can contribute in some small way to your enjoyment of life, and music.

  Roger Muma, 1157 St. Anthony Rd., London, ON, Canada, N6H 2R2, Ph. (519) 649-0309.