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Kantele without sound box

It is recorded in the great Finnish folk epic, The Kalevala that Vainamoinen made the first Kantele from the jaws of a large pike. This Kantele was a magical instrument which produced a music that calmed the soul of man and tamed the savage beasts.

This version of a Kantele is based on the traditional shape but lacks a sound box. Sometimes instruments like these are called Kinderlyres. The wood that you see here is Black Walnut.

Tuned to the Pentatonic scale (degabdegab) it is easy to improvise upon as there are no notes that do not sound well together. Instruments such as these are used in the education of children (Waldorf Schools) and in music therapy.

The Kantele may also be tuned to the Diatonic scale (cdefgabcde) and its range can be extended to 20 notes through the use of harmonics.

Kantele with sound box These instruments are meant to have a soft gentle sound. A lightgentle stroke from one of your fingers is all that is needed to produce beautiful music.

* A more sophisticated version of this instrument is also available. It has a sound box with the sound hole on the side to double as a hand grip. It is has a frame of Red Oak, a back of Mahogany and a sound board of Spruce. It may be obtained by special order.

Board Kantele - $150 CDN
Kantele (with sound box) - $275 CDN

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